Support and F.A.Q.

General Questions

What is WonderGrove Play?

WonderGrove Play is a unique platform that offers educational, but fun, animations and games that focus on teaching life and social skills for children 3 to 8.

What types of lessons can I find on WonderGrove Play?

WonderGrove Play offers animations and games that are focused on life and social skills, such as 'Put your seatbelt on', 'Recycling' and 'Keep your hands to yourself'. Furthermore, some words are explained in the 'Words of the day' videos.

How often is your video selection updated?

WonderGrove Play tries to keep a constant flow of new animations and activities available. A premium subscription will be available shortly that gives you access to the full range of animations and activities that WonderGrove offers.

Do you offer any Spanish-language programming?

WonderGrove Learn is available in both English and Spanish, as well as for special need children (e.g. with Sign Language). WonderGrove Play will be made available in Spanish before January 2015.

How can I contact WonderGrove?

You can visit our Contact Form to send us a message directly from WonderGrove Play, or find other methods of contact such as via mail, or by phone.

Is there any WonderGrove merchandise that I can buy?

Currently, there is not. However, we are working hard on a shop that will offer an array of items related to our WonderGrove Kids.

Does WonderGrove Play include advertising?

Yes, WonderGrove Play offers advertising on its site and before the animations. However, advertisements will never interrupt animations, and we show advertising that is child safe and checked.

Why am I seeing inappropriate ads on WonderGrove Play?

We do not accept any advertising that is not appropriate for children. Unfortunately, it's always possible that something accidentally came through or that your computer has been affected by adware. If you see any inappropriate ads, please contact us!

What is adware?

Adware is any software application in which advertising banners, toolbars, and pop-up windows are displayed while the program itself is running. Ad banners can be placed directly over the actual ad placement within a website.

How do I know if I have spyware/adware?

While most spyware and asware programs are intended to run undetected on a user's computer, there are some tell-tale signs that you may have some spyware and/or adware somewhere on your system. You can find more information about this topic here:

Can I sign up for your newsletter?

Yes you can! In the footer of every page, there is a box that you can fill in with your email address. Our newsletter offers information, unique offers and much more.

Technical Questions

What kinds of specifications do I need to run WonderGrove Play?

You can run WonderGrove Play with pretty much every device that has an internet connection and a web browser. However, because the animations/videos stream we advise to have a broadband connection and to connect to Wifi when using a mobile phone or a tablet.

How much data is used by running WonderGrove Play?

The average size of an animation is about 8-10 MB (megabytes). Depending on how many animations you watch, this amount can multiply. The initial page load (excluding animation streaming) is nearly 1 MB, but due to effective browser caching techniques subsequent page views takes anywhere between 20 KB to 120 KB.

Do I need a video player to run WonderGrove Play?

The animations are streamed through a platform called YouTube. YouTube comes with an embedded video player. You can thus run the animations without having a specific video player installed on your device. However, your device needs to have some sort of video card (hardware).

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