About Us

WonderGrove is a Los Angeles based animation company that focuses on the creation of education animations. It's main products are WonderGrove Play and WonderGrove Learn.

WonderGrove Learn is a unique education tool, which offers educational animation, focused on social and life skills paired with extension lessons for children ages 3 to 8.

Where WonderGrove Learn is an educational tool created for educations and anyone interested in them, WonderGrove Play uss the same animations, but presented in a more playful way, for children to watch by themselves.

Both brands are part of WonderGrove LLC. WonderGrove LLC is part of Wonder Media Group. Wonder Media Group is a European and American animation company which offers a wide variety of services and products in the animation and events market.

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Check out this website for educators and parents.

Powerful online teaching solutions that help educators model appropriate classroom behavior with animated characters, extension lesson materials, and lesson plans.

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